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Lysine Benefits of an Essential Amino Acid

ALysine Benefitss an essential amino acid, lysine is needed for a variety of purposes. In children one of the most important benefits of lysine is promoting bone development and growth in children. In both children and adults, lysine helps the bodyabsorb calcium. These are just a few of the tasks that lysine is needed for, without lysine your body wouldn’t be able to function as it is supposed to function. Continue Reading


Essential Amino Acids You Don’t Produce

In order for you to stay in good health your body must have certain amino acids, the problem is that of the 20 amino acids your body cannot produce eight of them, which are known as the essential amino acids. These eight amino acids are essential for good health because they are responsible for a variety of functions in the human body. While the essential amino acids are called essential it is not because they are more important than other amino acids, they are called essential aminos because it is essential for you to include them in your daily diet. Continue Reading