kid scratching lice

One of the worst things about head lice is how hard it is to get rid of; some people find it takes weeks or even months to get rid of. To help in the battle of head lice there are many different home remedies that you can try to get rid of the head lice.

Listerine for head lice

Listerine is one of the cheaper methods of getting rid of head lice, but many find that it will not work just by itself. Something else that is also interesting to note is that you must by the name brand bottle of Listerine, the store brands do not work as effectively. With the Listerine, you need to really douse your whole head with the stuff. Make sure that all of your hair is covered, but you also want to rub it into your scalp as well. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave the Listerine on for at least two hours. Once
the two hours is up rinse the Listerine out of your hair with hot water, you want the water as hot as you can stand it. The Listerine kills any adult bugs that are in your hair. You will also need to comb through your hair with a metal lice comb to remove any nits.

boy scratching head from lice

Vaseline for lice

Some people have found that smothering your head in Vaseline is an effective way of getting rid of head lice. The Vaseline actually suffocates the adult bugs in your head, but it also makes it easier to comb out any nits that are on the hair shaft. To make the Vaseline effective you will want to leave it in the hair for at least 3 hours, most people recommend leaving it in the hair overnight. The biggest problem with the Vaseline is getting it out of your hair; it is going to take awhile because of how greasy it is. What many
people recommend is using a dishwashing liquid soap that cuts grease, such as Dawn. After using that, you will want to use coconut shampoo until the Vaseline is gone, apply coconut conditioner to repel any new lice.

Mayo for head lice

Some people only use organic mayo, but others swear by Best Foods or any brand of regular mayo. With the mayo you will want to saturate your hair with the mayo and cover your head with a shower cap, this prevents the mayo from getting all over your furniture. Leave the mayo on your hair for several hours and then comb through your hair with a metal nit comb and then wash out the mayo. Use coconut shampoo and conditioner to help repel any more lice from attaching to your head.