Getting rid of head lice is something that is easier said than done. Many people often discover that getting rid of it entirely can take weeks or even months, just when you think it is gone it seems to come back. To help ensure that the head lice don’t come back you will want to use different methods of removal, especially if something doesn’t seem to be working.

Listerine and Vinegar
One of the most popular methods of head lice removal is using a combination of Listerine and 100% white vinegar. You do not use the two of them at the same time, but the two must be used one after the other to be effective. What you will want to do is to soak your head with Listerine, you want to rub the Listerine into your scalp and saturate your hair with it. The Listerine will kill any live lice that are in your hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap and allow the Listerine to remain on the hair for two hours. After the two hours rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water to get the Listerine out and towel dry your hair.

Now saturate your hair with 100% white vinegar. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave the vinegar on for two hours. The vinegar is used to help loosen the glue that holds the nits in place on your hair shaft. After the two hours is up rinse the vinegar out of your hair, and then comb through your hair with a metal nit comb to remove the nits. Wash your hair with Denorex shampoo to prevent the lice from coming back.


Lice have a hard time surviving in temperatures of 110 degrees or higher, so people who use curling irons, blow dryers, and straightening irons don’t get lice as often. The reason for this is that the heat kills the nits and live bugs, but this shouldn’t be counted on 100%. You can use a variety of tools to apply heat to your hair, but sometimes you will miss the nits. If you miss a nit and it survives it can hatch, which will cause more nits to be laid.

Neem Oil

You can buy neem oil at most health food stores, but it helps kill the lice because it is a natural insecticide. To use the neem oil you will need to mix 3 tablespoons of neem oil with 8 tablespoons of carrier oil, such as olive oil or coconut oil. You want to apply the oil mixture to the hair and wrap the hair
in plastic or apply a shower cap. Leave on the hair for at least 10 minutes and then rinse out with warn water. Once you have rinsed the neem oil out you need to comb through the hair with a metal nit comb. You can also wash your hair with neem oil shampoo to help prevent lice from entering the hair in the first place.