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Valine Essential Amino Acid

2010 February 10

WValine Essential Amino Acidhile valine is one of the eight essential amino acids, it is also one of the branched-chain amino acids that are found in the muscles of the body in high concentrations. With valine being both an essential amino acid and a branched-chain amino acid, it is even more important for your body to get the recommended dosage because of the variety of reasons that your body needs valine. Continue Reading

Benefits of Threonine

2010 February 8
by HealthReviewer

TThreonine Benefits of Proteinhe reason that your body needs to have threonine is that it is used to help maintain the proper balance of protein in your body, without it you can end up with too much or too little protein. Threonine is also need to help your body form collagen and elastin, which is needed to keep your skin healthy. Threonine is also needed to ensure that your liver is functioning properly, it helps fight fatty liver. Threonine also helps the immune system because it helps produce antibodies, as well as promoting thymus activity and growth. Continue Reading


2010 February 8
by HealthReviewer

Threonine ithreonine-natural-sourcess an essential amino acid that has a variety of purposes throughout the body. Even though your body cannot produce threonine, it is found in high concentration in the heart, central nervous system, and the skeletal system. Since your body cannot manufacture threonine, the only way to get the amino acid into your body is through your daily diet. To get the recommended dosage of threonine you must eat foods that contain threonine, which would include dairy products, eggs, and most meats. These three groups of foods contain the highest amounts of threonine, but you can also find threonine in lower quantities in other foods. Other foods that contain threonine include some vegetables, beans, germ, wheat, and nuts. Continue Reading

Phenylalanine Tyrosine

2010 January 30
by HealthReviewer

Phenylalanine which converts to Tyrosine iphenylalanine-tyrosines an amino acid that comes in three different forms, which are L, D, and DL. The L-Phenylalanine is the most common form that you will hear about; it is also the only form that is incorporated into your body’s proteins. The D-Phenylalanine form is similar to a painkiller that is the properties that it portrays. The DL-Phenylalanine is a combination of the two different forms, so it is incorporated into your body’s proteins, but it also acts as a painkiller. Continue Reading

Tryptophan L – Essential Amino Acid

2010 January 29

Tryptophan isTryptophan Benefits one of the eight essential amino acids; these amino acids are ones that your body cannot produce on its own so you must include these amino acids through your daily diet. Tryptophan is needed because it helps your body produce serotonin, which is required for normal brain and nerve function. Serotonin is important for your body because it helps with inflammation, but it also stabilizes your moods and helps your body with sleep. Tryptophan is also needed for the production of Vitamin B3, without tryptophan, your body cannot produce this much-needed vitamin. Continue Reading

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